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Ceremonial Flores

Ceremonial Flores

All Ceremonial Flores are wrapped in Lokta Paper, handmade in Nepal

Seeds include: Red Corn Poppy, Snapdragons, English Daisies, Creeping Thyme, Pinkladies, Catch Fly, and Lilac Godetia

Selenite 3-4in : Promotes peace and calmness, mental clarity, and well-being. Place above door frame, or windowsill

Sacred Sage: Used to cleanse new dwellings and helps create positive energy when tense or in negative moods arise

Yarrow: Botanical name Achillea Millefolium, herb of Venus

Associated with the Root, Crown Chakra

Spiritual Properties: Heart opener, reduces depression and anxiety, protects from negative energy and evil

Medicinal Uses: Yarrow can assist with almost every system in the body, and is used for different ailments, including colds and flu, cramps, fevers, digestive issues, skin irritations/infections, blood purifier, cleanses wounds,  and extremely beneficial for women to intake especially after pregnancy. 

Product shot by Uv Lucas

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