Our Mission

Wilde & Lovely is a brand that curates to those who are drawn to aesthetics in a more sustainable and ethical way of life. We pride ourselves in supporting local artists and organizations rooted in culture and hope in shedding light to the community.

Our mission is that everyone, absolutely everyone, from any background will always have a seat at the table, whether it’s creating with others or working with organizations that share our values.

W & L are also the creators of LOVE LABS PHILLY, a haven where artists from all walks of life could come together to experiment, grow, and create. We offer artistic work residency, creative workshops, and intimate gatherings in the lab.

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Reduce, Re-Create, Recycle

Consider donating your unused materials to keep the Earth safe and support local artists. We are accepting unused or gently used flores, hats, or fabric scraps.

Explore our creative collaborations and read interviews with our featured artists.

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