Christian Calabrese

We know that not everything is perfect...

But to Chris Wilde those flaws and imperfections are what makes things unique. Taking something and making it more than what it is by embellishing those flaws is what Wilde is about. Having those flaws makes his art one of a kind, non-generic, but unique and special. More than anything Wilde aims to reduce the amount of wasteful dumping of fabrics in our landfills by repurposing fabrics and materials. His inspirations comes from his late grandfather, Rafael Ortega Polo who was always wearing his favorite brown cowboy hat, leather wrist straps, and a pair of cowboy boots like a true Colombian cowboy.

    • Joshua Tree Collection

      Cultivated by the urge to wander and explore the psychedelic experience which helped birth this collection in Joshua Tree

      Shot by Jayson Paulino

    • F#%K IT Collection

      Made for those who like to stand out. Major mistakes that were revamped into something very unique

      Shot by German Vazquez

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    Liana Vazquez-Calabrese

    Philadelphia Native with Puerto Rican Taïno Heritage

    From designing momentous bouquets to grandiose installations for art galleries, Liana enjoys approaching each creative opportunity to reflect her client’s past, present, and future. She has implemented florals for 50+ events in the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia metropolitan area. Liana prefers to work with herbs such as sage, cannabis, and lavender, she uses mostly dried florals and recycled florals to amplify the beauty viewer’s see in themselves and the environment around them.

    • Installations

      Weddings, bedroom floral oasis, homage art, events and more.

    • Anna’s Crown

      Anacaona, Taíno cacica (cheif)

      Composer of ballads, and narrative poems, called areítos

      Up-cycled dried floral on canvas

      8 in x 8 in

    • Silla de Amor

      Up-cycled dried florals on reclaimed chair

      24 in x 23 in

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