Crystal Perez

ISSADAVII | Los Angeles, CA 

Crystal Perez is a proud first generation Latina based in LA, she is both an entrepreneur and diversity advocate, but mostly Crystal is a people person, she loves human experience. She believes everyone is uniquely made on this planet and has something special to bring to this world. So when Crystal developed ISSADAVII, she knew she needed to incorporate diversity and inclusion, not only in race and gender but diversity in all areas of life.


ISSADAVII is a byproduct of my uncle’s legacy - my uncle David was a fashion designer in the late 80’s early 90’s he was my biggest inspiration growing up. He taught me art, the importance of self - expression and putting love into what you do. ISSADAVII is also inspired by my late brother, Carlo, from packaging to what he would wear. The brand has gifted me with deep happiness and has connected me to my purpose. I developed ISSADAVII with an intention to lift the spirits of others during this pandemic - to add some color and art to brighten up the day. A reminder that no matter what, your soul still shines.

What is the very thing that fuels your soul while creating for ISSADAVII?

Creativity is my ultimate peace. When I create, it is as though I can understand the language of my soul. What fuels this is the inspiration from everyday life and the emotions we feel in the process. My inspiration comes from my memories, scents that give me nostalgia, like the smell of a bodega on a hot summer day. The sound of my city, and my family playing music on a Saturday morning as a kid. And of course, sights, like God's green earth and all of His beautiful creations.

Advice for other creatives?

My advice is Be Open! to meeting new people, new experiences, and learning. Mentorship is the reason I am here today. Your mentor can also be someone who inspires you, someone you can relate to, or who brings an idea to the table which resonates with who you are. Also, those who’ve paved the way for the black and brown communities in all businesses are important to follow and be inspired by. We look at people like Virgil Abloh and how he’s impacted so many with his legacy, including myself. Remember: authenticity is key in creating, you are the author of your narrative, and on that journey you will be inspired by many and that’s what will curate your special talents along the way.

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